5 Fun DIY Projects To Help Your Garden Grow

It’s summertime, which means you’ll be spending a lot more time in your garden. Warmer weather also means that it’s time to do some fun outdoor DIY projects. By using common household items, you can not only make your garden more unique, you can also keep a garden that is completely green.

How Does Your Garden Grow

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Make Your Own Fertilizer

The last thing you want to expose your plants to is chemicals, which is why you want to learn how to make your own completely organic fertilizer. There are many ways to make your own fertilizer and most of them are very easy, and not very time consuming. The easiest way is to use banana peels. Bury a banana peel in the ground right at the base of your plant. The peel will eventually decompose, providing your plants with much needed potassium. You can also make your own fertilizer out of egg shells. All you’ll need are 20 eggshells and a gallon of water. Boil the egg shells in the water for just a few minutes and then allow them to sit in the water overnight. You can then strain the egg shells to make a spray.

Try This Recipe For Organic Bug Spray

One of the realities of keeping a garden is dealing with insects. Naturally you don’t want to use commercial bug spray because a) it contains toxic chemicals that will be harmful to your plants and b) you don’t want to support Monsanto. Luckily from DIY gardening site, An Oregon Cottage, comes this recipe for organic bug spray using mint and garlic (yum!).

Make Garden Benches From Discarded Wood

One of the best things about having a garden is being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Whether you are enjoying your morning meditation, or enjoying a glass of wine and a good book, every garden needs a bench. You could go buy one from the store, but it’s much more enjoyable to make your own from discarded wood. Check out some of these unique ideas from CoolDIYIdeas.com.

Maximize Your Space

If you live in an apartment or a duplex, you might not have as much space for a garden as you’d like. You can still plant a beautiful garden in a limited amount of space if you are creative about it. This idea for a spiral rock garden allows you to plant your own vegetable garden in a tiny corner in your yard. If you know where to find discarded wood pallets, you can also create this standing garden.

Personalize Your Garden

Now that you’ve got your plants growing healthy and strong, it’s time for the real fun! There are many different ways to personalize your garden, including crafts that your kids can help out with. Next time you’re out for a walk on your favorite nature trail, find some large flat stones. Bring them home and paint them with acrylic paint. You can use them to label your plants or have your kids put their handprints on them. The sky’s the limit! One time I helped a friend of mine hot glue colored glass on some old mason jars, which she then placed in her garden to reflect sunlight, similar to those colorful globes you often see. The result was amazing!

There are so many ideas out there to make your garden green and gorgeous. No matter how you choose to do it, you can create a beautiful garden using as little or as much time and effort as you want.

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