How To Apply For ETIAS Travel Authorization?

The European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS is similar to that of the other visa waiver such as US ESTA, Canadian ETA, Australian ETA, etc. It is expected that within the year 2021 the ETIAS will be used in a full-fledged way. 

The ETIAS application system allows the European Union to determine whether the citizens applying for the ETIAS are eligible or not. The applicants must belong to the countries that are eligible for the ETIAS and have to fulfil all the requirements. The requirements include the form of fill-up and providing proper documents to apply for ETIAS.

The ETIAS Form To Europe 

The form for ETIAS is available online only. Some most of the cases the authorization may take just a few minutes to be completed.  The whole process of documentation and filling up the form will not take more than 15 minutes per applicant. 

To complete the whole process, the only document the applicant needs to provide is a biometric passport. The other things may include credit or debit card and an email address to apply for ETIAS travel authorization process. An electronic passport is not obligatory. A biometric passport is required for the process of registration. Fingerprints and other biometric tests are not needed.

After the competition of the registration process and after the approval, the ETIAS document will be issued. This document is valid for three consecutive years.

Applying for ETIAS online 

Online application for ETIAS is fast and easy. That is because it doesn’t take more than ten to fifteen minutes per applicant. All you need is a valid travel document. Once it is granted, the document will be valid for three consecutive years, and one can complete all kinds of travel in the given term. 

Just like other visa waivers, the applicants must provide details like full name, birth date, country, phone number, address, and other such information in the form.

Providing any false and misleading information will prevent the entry of the applicant in Schengen, and the application will be cancelled. If an application is denied and refused the applicant have ninety-six hours to provide additional documents. The authority of Schengen has four weeks to decide whether to permit the applicant or not.

The Fees Of ETIAS

All applicants have to have the ETIAS to visit Europe. To apply, one has to pay a certain amount to the ETIAS form. Is the payment is not made by the applicant; the ETIAS process will not proceed further.

Payment is the last part of completing the process of application. The application will be complete only after you pay the fee using credit or debit card. The process will take taking place after the payment, and once all the documents meet the conditions of ETIAS, the approval will be sent to the applicant through the provided email.

Therefore you can apply for ETIAS only using the online platform and paying the fees along with proper documentation.

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