How To Build The Right Approach For Clearing IIT JEE

Most of the time students who are aiming to sit for IIT JEE are faced with one big question, “Is JEE very difficult exam to crack?” Well, we must state that JEE is a challenging exam but it does not mean that it is extremely tough to crack as some might claim it to be. Students and aspirants can clear the exam if they follow the right approach and develop an effective preparation strategy.

Meanwhile, many students fail to succeed mainly because of poor planning, haphazard study techniques and committing silly mistakes before the exam. However, we are here to help students resolve all these issues and lead them in the right direction during their IIT JEE preparation journey. This article highlights some of the useful ways in which students can devise a proper process to not only boost their preparation but at the same time deliver their best performance in the final exam. Let’s look at them below.

Start Off By Formulating A Long Term Plan

The first thing that aspirants should do is make a long term plan for the exam. The planning should also begin early since there is a lot of concepts to cover and learn. Students should take into account all the aspects of the exam including knowing the examination mode, important dates, examination requirements and other details. Having a good knowledge of all these things will help them to work out a proper strategy and study productively. Fix a suitable timetable for studying as well.

Syllabus Is A Passport To Success 

One of the common mistakes that students make is they ignore the syllabus. This is a wrong trend. Rather JEE candidates should realise the importance of the syllabus, get their hands on it and go through it thoroughly. They will get a clear insight into the important chapters or topics to focus on, the objective of the course and that of the people who frame the questions. They will also get an idea about the exam pattern and marking schemes. In essence, getting a complete overview of the syllabus is beneficial for students.

Use Appropriate Study Materials

There are a lot of study materials available for students today. However, aspirants should choose their resources carefully and use only those that will add to their preparation. Do not stack books upon books that are useless. Do some research, ask the mentors for suitable JEE Main 2020 Exam reference materials or take help from experienced candidates. On the other hand, candidates who take up coaching are usually provided with refined materials but it is up to them to put a real effort to read and study from them. For those conducting self-study, they should be smart in figuring out the right books, notes, etc.

Constant Practice  Leads To Better Efficiency

JEE exams are designed to test your in-depth knowledge of concepts and analytical skills. The only way to develop better problem-solving skills is to get enough practice before the exams. Students should engage themselves in solving JEE question papers and they can also attempt mock tests. This study exercise will help them know how the question papers are set, their pattern, exam duration, as well as the weightage of marks. Mock tests will enable them to get a feel of the real exam scenario.

Fix Your Attitude And Mindset

Achieving success also boils down to one crucial factor. The mindset that students have and their attitude towards the exam plays a significant role in clearing the exams. Have a positive outlook and be confident to tackle the exam. Don’t take it as a burden but focus on the possibilities and benefits that once can reap after clearing the exam. Also, ignore the rumours, distractions and be disciplined. 

These are some useful guidelines that you can implement going forward and be on the right path to fulfil your JEE dream.

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