How To Keep The Home Clean Even Though You Have A Pet Dog

How do you define a pet dog? Are you stuck for words and sentences? Let us help you. The words can go on – It is a living being which loves you unconditionally. They can give you happiness at any time. And many more. But yes, your pet may be cute, loyal to the core, but you cannot hide the fact that having them involves a bit of extra cleaning. A pet can fill your home with love, but yes, you have to encounter the cleaning of fur, lots of mess and odors. Yes, you can train them, but it is always necessary to be ready for any surprise. In this article, you get to know how to keep the home clean even though you have a pet dog.


  1. Rugs/Doormat

Are you surprised? Please don’t be. They have been modified to suit your needs. So do not visualize about the old rugs in your home. Ensure the rug is easily washable. Put a single rug in any place that the pet dog wants to relax. The pets can cuddle themselves in the favorite part of your home. Some places can be – under the sofa, dining room table, and many more. Do not forget to have a doormat in front of the door. The reason, the doormat may catch the dirt pet can bring into the house.

  1. How To Keep The Home Clean – Coat the Places In Dark Paint

Do you allow your pet dog inside the home? Then ensure that the walls of every room (three feet from the ground) be covered with dark paint. Pets will rub their body and nose along the walls of the house.

Their wagging tails can also make the space below the walls dirty.


  1. How To Keep The Home Clean – Ensure That Pets’ Tray Is Clean

Some owners keep the pet dog clean, but not the pets’ tray. It is common sense that the food dish or tray needs to be clean. It will add grace to the surroundings.


  1. How To Keep The Home Clean – Latex Gloves

Is it the red hot summer? Then your pet dog can develop thick hair during the winter. And they shed their hairs during the spring season. So, you need to vacuum during the weekends on the spring season.

You can find pet fur in almost every part of the home. Do you know that the pet dogs’ paws can contain hair? And even their paws can bring dirt to their home. Please note that the furniture, carpets, walls, and blankets of your home can get dirty. Your eyes may not see the hair, but in due course of time, the hairs may get tangled to the rug or sofa threads. So, you will not be able to remove them with ease. In this situation, do not brush the items in your home for pet hair. Just slip a pair of latex gloves and then rub on the sofa, chair and even the interiors of your vehicle. The fur just sticks to the gloves. Then you can wash the hands with gloves in water.


  1. For the Nooks & Corners

There may be spots dirty which your hand cannot reach. In similar situations, make use of long sticks with wet clothes wrapped around them. It is better not to let the pet hair settle in nooks and corners if you have family members suffering from allergies.


  1. Use Cotton Towels

It is mandatory to have a cotton towel or blanket at the bottom of your bed. Or, if you have an empty chair for your dog, ensure that you have a cotton towel put as a bedspread. The reason for cotton towels, the fabric can withstand tear and wear. You can also make the cloth clean by using the washing machine.


  1. You Need To Have Emergency Cleaner on Hand

Take a squirt bottle with 250 ml water, 250 ml white vinegar and 50 gms of soap water. Make it to a nice mixture. It can clean dirt, stains from walls and floors. As you guessed, your home should have the right tools. Do you know there are self-scooping litter boxes? Also, do not forget to have air fresheners in the home.


  1. Brush Your Pet

Yes, brushes are needed, but what is the type of brush you need for your pet dog? The reason, it can depend on the coat for your dog. If you have cats, then you need bristle brushes /wide-tooth combs. Do you have a pet dog with long hairs? Then you should have slicker brushes. If you have dogs with medium length hair, then you need to have pin brushes. And in case of dogs having coats of short hair, you need to have rubber brushes.

Do you have doubts regarding combing of hair for your pet dog? Then do consult a professional dog groomer?

  1. Give Your Pet Dog Proper Bath

Do you need another simple way to get all the loose hair off your pet dog during the spring season? Then give it a bath. Yet, please do not give the dog a bath every day. As per veterinary experts, it is best to give the pet dog at least a wash every week.

Remember the time, when your dog lay down on the ground opposite your home. Then, it came to your room and brushed its tail against the wall. Some portions of the wall became dirty. You had to use the emergency cleaner to make the walls sparklingly clean.

  1. Benefits of Bathing Dogs

Yes, there is one practice you need to follow. You need to take the dog to the vet every year. And the shampoo or soap recommendation should be from the doctor’s side. Please do not use your body soap or cloth washing soap for giving the pet dog a bath. The pet dog may shed hair very often. If you use the proper soap as recommended by the vet, then the benefits are –


  • Reduction of skin problem in dogs
  • Decrease of infection or allergy-related problems
  • Reduction in the shedding of hair


  1. Quality Food

There are also chances that excessive shedding of hair is due to poor nutrition. It is well-known that a healthy pet dog will shed less hair. Please consult the vet if you want suggestions.

Ensure that you give the pet dog foods which have omega 3 fatty acids that can benefit their coat as well their skin. Do you know that the salmon fish and other fishes contain more than the required amount of omega 3 fatty acids?

  1. Excessive Shedding

Yes, you know that the pet sheds hair during the spring season, and it is quite normal. Do you find hair more than the shedding phenomenon? And if excess hair is accumulating between the cots and chairs, the time has come for a pet visit. The reasons for more shedding could be many, ranging from infection to allergies.

Yes, your pet dog gives unconditional love, but it is also dependent on you for food, health, and shelter. There are also other reasons when you should take the pet dog to the doctor. Other than shredding, if you notice the dog suffering from itchiness, general illness or dehydration, then it is a sign that you have to take the pet to the vet.




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