Is Buckwheat Neck Pillow Right for You?

Have you heard about the buckwheat neck pillow?  Well, sounds exotic isn’t it?  This type of pillow is becoming very popular.  It is made using the hulls of the buckwheat fruit and provides superior traction and comfort for the neck.

But is a buckwheat pillow the right one for you?  To answer this, let us explore the pros and cons of buckwheat pillows.Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Advantages of Buckwheat Pillow

1.  Buckwheat hulls make the pillow solid.

Such pillow can offer enough support for your neck and upper backbone.  Because it is in solid state, it does not sink but at the same time it will not push back your head.  These characteristics make it a perfect neck support pillow for sleeping or travelling.

2.  A buckwheat pillow can maintain its original shape.

Because of this, it can be very effective against back and neck pains.  It can also eliminate incidence of stiff neck and numbness.

3.  A buckwheat neck pillow is also full customizable.

You can make it firmer or softer by removing some buckwheat filling from the pillow.   Most buckwheat pillows have zipper enclosures so you can easily adjust their loft and firmness.

4.  This type of pillow keeps the proper alignment of your head, neck, and back.

This can eliminate snoring.  That is why people who snore loudly often prefer to use buckwheat pillows instead of ordinary foam pillows.

Disadvantages of Buckwheat Pillow

1.  It takes some time to get used to this kind of pillow.

Probably you have used foam or fiber pillow since you were a child.  Sleeping on a buckwheat pillow is a new experience and your mind needs to adjust to this.

2.  Buckwheat hulls also make crunching or grinding sound when you move.

This is not overly noisy but can be very annoying if you are not used to it.  But you will get over it as you get used to buckwheat pillow.

3.  Buckwheat hulls are very valuable items.

They are being used in other industries.  So a buckwheat neck pillow can be very expensive.  What you can do is to find cheap buckwheat pillow on the Internet instead of buying it from specialty chiropractic stores.

A buckwheat pillow is the latest craze in the pillow industry.  It is highly in demand now because it can provide good traction and support for the neck.  But remember that a buckwheat pillow also has some advantages and disadvantages.  So you need to carefully weigh your options before you buy a buckwheat neck pillow.

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