IVF – A Ray of Hope for Childless Couples

Parenting is a special phase in every couple’s life. Becoming a mother and father is lot more than sleepless nights and changing diapers; it is a complete process of emotional, mental and social development and the responsibility begins from birth of a child. Some couples are not fortunate enough to have such blessings despite of several efforts and treatments and at the end they are left with adoption. The possibility of not having one can be due to irregularity in ovulation, problems in reproductive system, low sperm count and other medical conditions. With advancement in medical field, doctors are able to make dreams come into reality by introducing treatment of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). There are best IVF clinics in India where the treatment can be carried out.


IVF involves the fertilization by fusion of sperm and egg and the fertilized egg is implanted in uterus. Pre medication is required to mature the eggs and after the extraction mixing with sperm is done to fertilize it and if the embryo is implanted in uterus. The success of the treatment can happen in one go or may be not. As the adaptability and the condition of body is different for everyone. It may take up more then 1 or 2 rounds. Undoubtedly, chances of pregnancy are more if someone has fertility issues. IVF has series of steps involved:

  • Medication is prescribed by doctor for maturating eggs. Several eggs are involved as some may not get fertilized. Regular blood tests and ultrasounds are carried for controlling various parameters.
  • Once the eggs are mature they are removed by a surgical procedure.
  • The sperms and eggs are mixed in a container and fertilization is carried out.
  • Post fertilisation, embryo is inserted with a small tube inserted in uterus and then transferred. This process is called embryo transfer.
  • If the embryos are attached to the uterus lining, pregnancy happens.

Despite of advantages there are risks and side effects involved such as :

  • Little discharge
  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Minor headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Multiple birth- if more then one embryo gets attached
  • Stress
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Miscarriage

Why IVF?

The reason people go for IVF is that is the last hope of parents who are not able to conceive. It is phase full of anxiety and stress emotionally and financially who are going under this treatment. Discrepancy in fallopian tube makes it difficult for fertilisation. If sperm production and its mobility is very low, it becomes difficult to fertilize an egg. Any surgery or treatment done before in tubal areas leads difficulty to conceive. Anybody about to start cancer treatment – radio or chemo therapy, hindrance is created in fertilization process.

Post Procedure

Once the procedure is done patient is free to do regular activities. Slightly uncomfortable as the ovaries would be enlarged but it may not create much discomfort. Procedure could be followed by bloating, cramping and constipation. Regular check ups and follow ups with doctors are mandatory. In case of any sort of discomfort rush to a hospital. For detection of pregnancy doctor conducts blood tests after egg removal and if one is not pregnant periods would come within week or so. The decision for carrying out another procedure lies in the hands of patient and its family.

Positive results of pregnancy are indication of no periods. The health of baby depends on the age of mother. Younger mothers have ease in pregnancy and chances of having healthy baby are more. After 40 years, the chances decrease. Women with poor eating habits and a history of bad medication have less chances of having healthy baby.

With changing lifestyle the medical condition is also changing. Despite numerous drawbacks and failures in treatments doctors are able to provide easier, affordable and lifesaving procedures. For carrying out IVF treatment best IVF hospitals in India are available with experienced doctors, nursing staff and upgraded technology. Not just IVF other fertility treatments are also carried out which has created miracles in many patients life. The success rate has also increased due to personalized care and infrastructure of hospitals. The cost of IVF treatment is very expensive and may cost a fortune. Having a medical insurance is a blessing, but if not, then think once and then go for it as there are many options to choose from.

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