MOSER 1588 LI+PRO 2 MINI 3 Speed Professional Hair Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a grooming device that those with facial hair need to have in their possession. Those items are available in many distinctive styles and with diverse prices tags. Irrespective of how much you pay for your trimmer or how long you have got it for, preserving the grooming system within the nice viable circumstance is a smart move to make. The following will offer a few helpful hints on this branch that allows you to resource you in retaining your beard trimming gadget in the high-quality form viable.MOSER 1588 LI+PRO 2 MINI 3 Speed Professional Hair Trimmer

A beard trimmer is a precision piece of device, able to finely sculpt your facial hair into a fashionable fashion. The primary thing you need to do if you want to preserve your beard trimmer in right situation is to save it away in a safe place while not in use. Leaving it out at the counter all of the time or throwing it carelessly in a drawer after every use will bang it up quite a piece and make it display put on and tear. It can be accidentally knocked to the ground and brake. Try and get a storage case on your trimmer, if one did not include the product, and hold it in a region that’s far from careless fingers. Storing the trimmer appropriately away will preserve dirt off of it and prevent it from getting banged round.

       Some other manner to maintain the trimming device used to groom your beard in the fine circumstance is to dry it off after every use if it’s miles a moist use trimmer or simply one that has gotten water on it. Preserving the equipment dry will prevent it from rusting and displaying put on. Make certain to get in between all of the crevices of the trimmer as water has a manner of finding its region in those spots. A trimmer which stays moist after use while not having been dried off can also gift you with issues in the future such as malfunctioning all through use or untimely carrying of the blades.


Deciding on a good beard trimmer is a difficult assignment. The price is an essential attention, so make an effort to perform a little shopping to look what the range is and what you are secure paying. Choose well to find the high-quality trimmer on your price range. How essential are accessories to you? Do you want to use the trimmer to also trim eyebrow or nostril hair? How easy is it to clean afterward? There are numerous accessories that can be included with a beard trimmer, but the greater accessories it has, the more pricey it is.

       Another factor in choosing is the precision especially if you have a beard which calls for precision grooming. Look for a trimmer with first-rate metal blades or even titanium, as well as self-sprucing blades. An inexpensive trimmer normally would not last as long as the sturdier ones. You can get a concept of suitable manufacturers via just visiting your neighborhood barber and seeing what he makes use of. He will use that same clipper every day, for years, so that you know it’s made nicely.

  1. STAR BLADE II: Professional, high-grade steel form cutting edge set Made in Germany. Intense ultra close 0.4 mm cutting. Shut back on the sharp edge set improves hair direction and facilitates cleaning.
  2. PROFESSIONAL: Cord/cordless operation, 30 minutes super fast charge, very efficient and long lasting Li-lon-batteries without memory effect. Up to 90 minutes battery operating time DUAL VOLTAGE 110-240V.
  3. ERGONOMIC: Super light and silent. Just 120 g. One piece tube lodging for expanded solace.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE: 1 variable connection brush 3-6 mm, charging stand, power effective plug-in transformer, cleaning brush, clipper oil.


          The only cons I noticed with this product is that the blades are not as sharp as I would liked. But still it is a good product to have a trimmer.

Why should you buy it?

There are a lot of brands obtainable available on the market, but as someone who has had a beard for decades i will attest to the truth that lots of these trimmers definitely aren’t all their advertising has made them out to be. Do your research and you may have an excellent beard trimmer so one can last for decades. MOSER 1588 LI+PRO 2 Mini 3 Speed Professional Hair Trimmer is one of the best brands in the market.

It has a Superstar blade II made with professional, high-grade metal contour blade set that is made in Germany. It is effective up to close 0.4. mm and the closed return of the blade set optimizes hair guidance and eases cleansing. It can be used with a cord or cordless operation, half-hour splendid brief charge, especially efficient and durable Li-lon-batteries without memory impact. It has up to 90 minutes battery working time twin voltage one hundred ten-240V. An advantage with this product is that it has three pace variable potential to adapt in your customers’ desires and extra quiet low speed for greater sensitive clients, fashionable speed with the usual effective performance, or excessive pace with expanded electricity for thick, tough hair. It is high-quality, light, quiet just 120g.

Hope this review helped you and made you choosing MOSER 1588 LI+PRO 2 MINI 3 Speed Professional Hair Trimmeri think is a great choice for professional barbers or hairdressers!Buy from amazon

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