Reasons_ Why You Should Switch From YouTube to DTube

Watching videos has now become a popular way of passing time online. Services like Netflix have changed how we stream TV in our homes and on our smartphones. On top of it, packages such as Spectrum Internet Ultra gives us access to high-speed Internet to watch entertainment on the go. And if someone doesn’t have a streaming service, they at least have YouTube to watch videos on demand.Why You Should Switch From YouTube to DTube

But did you know there is more to the world than just YouTube? There exist services such as DTube, too. It is another cool decentralized video network that has the potential to serve as an alternative to YouTube.

Why Should You Switch to DTube?

There are a lot of things that are wrong with YouTube. All the video content goes on the servers of YouTube which is why content creators do not have any control over what happens with their videos. It is YouTube that decides what should go on their platform, not the users. Similarly, if you want to make money from your videos, YouTube decides what is fair and what is not.

Even though YouTube says it promotes user content fairly, there are some content creators who have become a victim of discrepancies. They have watched their channels disappear overnight without any heads up. This could happen to anyone.

You should give DTube a shot. It is a decentralized video service that is hosted on blockchain rather than a central server. As long as you are using this service, you will be sure that your data is safe. Nobody can censor the video content either. And if you are wondering how you do make money from DTube? It’s done through cryptocurrency rather than relying on ads. There are no hidden algorithms either.

Here are some reasons why you should stop using YouTube and switch to DTube:

#1: It’s a Secure Service

There is no central server which means your data will not be located centrally. There are fewer chances of getting hacked. There is no traditional login system, a user posts videos under a pseudonym. You are free to have yourself identified whatever way you want. Nobody will be able to steal your data.

There are no adverts because the service uses STEEM dollars. Videos get their worth through user upvotes. The videos that are popular receive STEEM dollars and power. If the total value of a video is $0.02, you will receive the money in your STEEM wallet within 7 days.

You can also include adverts in your videos, too, however, since many viewers despise it, it is better to rely on STEEM’s method for monetizing your videos.

#2: It Is a Part of the Blockchain Revolution

The blockchain technology has started taking over social media as well. DTube is a smaller part of the larger movement. For all the programmers, there is no better time than this to become a blockchain programmer.

#3: There Is No Censorship

DTube can benefit users with its freedom of stance. There is no censorship which means you don’t have to be extra careful about creating censoring videos. It is not the person posting the video or the platform, rather the community judges the content of the videos.

The community itself is good with filtering the controversial and dangerous posts. A simple analogy would be it’s just like Reddit but there are no mods. Your content could be heaven or hell for a user depending on how they perceive it.

#4: The Community Is Great

The DTube community is full of supportive people. They don’t hesitate in sharing each other’s work. It is like the early days of YouTube. It would be great to interact with a community of young and vibrant individuals like this, right?

#5: It Is Perfect for Beginner

If you have a content creator who has just began, making a mark on YouTube will be a hard game for you. Before the place gets oversaturated, you can join DTube and create amazing videos. You will have the opportunity to make the most out of this decentralized video platform.

Summing Up

DTube may not be as popular as YouTube but if some aspects of YouTube are bothering you, it is a nice alternative. Although it is a small player, a large number of content creators are trying to make use of its feature. That time isn’t far when people will start streaming videos on DTube using their Spectrum TV bundles packages. It is an interesting option for those video creators who want to monetize and create an instant impact with their videos.

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