Setup Extender – Single Solution For All WiFi Issues

Have you ever thought- why your home WiFi is stronger in some spots but weaker in other parts? Well you might think that its just a matter of distance between your wireless router and your devices but, in fact, its not just that. Objects like walls, doors, furniture, electrical appliances / sockets also disturb signal to a good extent.

However, in many scenarios, you can significantly increase the WiFi strength by changing either the position of your router or the connected PCs. Unfortunately, this method might not be beneficial every time. Hence, you need a full proof solution – Linksys extender setup

If your home or apartment has thick walls or is so large that your router can not send a solid signal from one end to the other, it is probably wise to use a wireless repeater. A repeater picks up Wi-Fi signals and sends them again amplified. The repeater connects as a normal client to your wireless router and receives an IP address via DHCP , similar to your normal laptop or PC.

Set up Steps for wireless repeater by

Prior to setup, you must select the location to place your router.

Position : You’re advised to follow just one golden rule to position your extender. Locate the areas of weak signal, then place the repeater near one of these locations. But make sure it’s still in a strong signal range and can receive at least 60% of the signal from your main router.

What to keep in mind during the Setup:

For the initial configuration, you may need to place the repeater closer to the router. After configuring the amplifier, you can unplug it and move it to the final location.
Avoid placing the router and the amplifier near other electronic components that may cause signal interference.
To reduce signal obstructions, try alternative locations for the router and the amplifier.
If you are using WPS to connect, wait until the WPS indicator stops blinking before trying another connection.
Avoid placing the router and the extender near metal objects, cement walls and reflecting surfaces such as glass or mirrors.

Now execute the setup steps given below:

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the expander to the computer.
Input “extender.linksys” with out the quotes in the address bar of your browser. This is the default address for extender linksys. Thereafter press Enter.
Log in to the extender setup page. In the Name field, set the name of the extender. Put in the same SSID number you got from your router or access point in the SSID field.
Got to the drop down menu next to channel and select the same channel used by your router or access point. Tap on “Save” to implement the settings.
Set up the same security settings on the security page for you have on the wireless network if the network security is protected. Click on “Save Settings”.

Help Tip: There are many complicated settings on your extender that can help you optimize the signal in your home after the extender setup. So, you must peruse the instruction manual of your gadget in order to make all the required settings. This will help you to achieve the best performance of your wireless extender.

So that is how you add and setup the Range Extender to your network in order to increase the wireless range.


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