The Best Months To Visit The Valley With Kashmir Tour Packages

The Kashmir Valley is rightly considered by many as a heavenly abode sitting in the lap of beautiful mountains. Whenever you choose to visit the place, you are sure to be bound in a spell by the sheer magnificence of the place. Having said that, if the snowfall is the primary reason for your visit, there are certain months of the year when you should visit the place to enjoy mountains laden with snow.

Hence, the best months to visit the place with Kashmir tour packages are the ones when the place experiences maximum snowfall. But the best time to visit the place also depends on what kind of a trip you are going on. It would differ for a honeymoon trip and a casual trip with friends.

When To Visit Kashmir To Witness Snowfall?

While traveling to Kashmir with friends on a vacation trip, the winter months are the most suitable. It is during the period between December and February when the place receives the maximum snowfall. During these months, the hills turn white laden with snow and look times more beautiful than the summer months.

Every tourist attraction from Sonmarg and Gulmarg to the capital city Srinagar turns more beautiful during the winter months. Although it depends entirely on preference most people love snowfall in India as it is rare in the plains. Especially when you are planning a trip with friends, booking a trip via Kashmir tour packages during the winter months is much wiser. Do remember to take a good camera with you as the astonishing charm and beauty of the place during these months are going to leave an imprint on you that you will find almost impossible to shed off for years to come.

The Best Time To Visit Kashmir For A Honeymoon Trip

The ideal time of the year to visit Kashmir when planning a honeymoon trip with your better half is the spring season. This period is from the month of March to the beginning of May. The flowers in the illustrious gardens of Srinagar are in full bloom during the spring and what can be more romantic for a newlywed couple than a slow walk through a garden filled with blossoming flowers?

If you’re going to choose Kashmir for your honeymoon trip, make sure you visit the place during the spring months to have an unforgettable first trip with your spouse.

Get The Best Trip Deals To Kashmir Online

When you’re done with deciding when to visit heaven in India, you can then browse the internet to look for the most comfortable Kashmir tour packages and choose the ones which suit your needs and budget.

There are tourism companies that are familiar with the place and can provide you with a list of things you should not miss at all when visiting the Kashmir valley. All you need to do is find the best company to plan and execute your trip to the valley.


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