The comprehensive process of service tax GST registration for every business owner

Besides bestowing a legal entity on the goods and services, the relevance of GST registration has increased manifold over the last few years. The smaller business enterprises are relieved of the load of paying an array of taxes ever since the implementation of GST. The infrequent payment of taxes on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis was as chaotic as it was cumbersome. GST has successfully replaced the undefined laws of paying taxes and made the commercial sector uniform wherein they can engage into goods transaction across different states. If you are intending for filing service tax GST registration, here is a list of documents that you would be required to produce. Once the process in completed, you would be granted with a unique number that would be required for paying taxes in the future.Formation of OPC and its privileges

List of Documents-

  • PAN Card of the applicant
  • Address proof
  • Bank details

The requirements are same in any part of the country to avoid errors or cases of fraud.

Advantages of service tax to GST registration

  • Lesser Tax Burden- GST is quite defined and intact in being a process of indirect taxation that takes into its umbrella other taxes. The transparency would visibly diminish the chaos of indirect taxes that pulled down a business owner and retailers. Since there are no hidden charges on the cost of running a business, more start-ups and novices would be engaged to embark on doing business. Registration procedure has been overtly simplified with detailed explanation of filing returns that could be accomplished on the virtual platform.
  • Lesser Complexities- It has made the scenario of filing taxes more understandable when compared to the earlier times when service tax, excise, and other taxes made the process confusing. With the registration, you have to file for one return which will hardly be an obstacle even to people who are less tech savvy. Furthermore, with the feature of the composition scheme, the feasibility of lowering taxes is also higher.
  • Improved e-commercial activities- With the advent of service tax to GST registration, the e-commerce operators no longer have to withstand the uncertainty that they were previously subjugated to. Besides simplifying the procedures, GST registration would also do away with unsolicited encroach of authoritarian figures into the business. Oftentimes, proprietors were levied with a hefty penalty for not producing papers or abiding by the obscure amendments. The registration is actually a protective shield against such hassles.
  • Regulated and organized- Each business sector has been organized and included into the scheme with the help of GST. The rules are same both for offline and online payment for higher clarity in the system.

The registration has been made a prerequisite for business owners who have a record turnover of more than 20 lakhs. The motto has been to pave way for a market legible and corruption free for every existing trader as well as the new entrants. It is an intrinsic duty, therefore, to comply with service tax GST registration.


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