The Cost of Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Some people experience bone marrow problems and their bone marrow is destroyed. It is the semi-solid tissue that is found in the spongy areas of bones. Some diseases of the bone marrow are not curable such as multiple myeloma. So, this part should be replaced. The bone marrow transplant procedure is performed to the patients who experience severe problems such as cancer. So, they take cells that are normally found in bone marrow and these cells are filtered. If these cells become germ-free after filtering, then they are placed in the same location of the patient. Otherwise, the cells of other persons are transplanted in the region. 

Bone marrow transplant 

The bone marrow produces three types of cells namely the red blood, white blood and platelets. This operation involves complications also and sometimes, it is life-threatening. Some of the complications that arise are graft host disease and graft failure. The blood forming cells of the patient are extracted and replaced with the germ-free healthy cells. The umbilical cord blood cells are also obtained and healthy cells are inserted. The patient is hospitalized for 2 to 6 weeks until his blood count returns to normal. Sometimes, the person can even experience serious problems such as graft failure and may experience bleeding. Their blood count does not return to normal even after 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. Such persons are treated with second dosage of cells. 

Bone marrow transplant costs

The cost of bone marrow transplant depends upon various factors such as hospital, surgical procedures, equipments, location, etc. Before the treatment, the person should undergo chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Three types of bone marrow transplants are performed namely the antilogous bone-marrow transplant, allergenic transplant, umbilical cord blood transplant. The stem cells of the donor can be collected in two different ways such as leukapheresis, and bone marrow harvest. The cost of bone marrow transplant in India is relatively lesser than the procedures performed in other nations. Today many hospitals in India provide low cost plans for performing bone marrow transplantation. 

The doctors normally provide free medical opinion for the patients who are seeking consultation services for the first time. They provide some of the most affordable treatment packages. Most of the doctors do not charge any extra costs to the patients. 

Operation for bone marrow

This operation is recommendable for patients who suffer from problems such as sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, thalassemia, lymphoma, etc. Many hospitals provide low cost bone marrow transplant surgery India to the patients suffering from bone cancer. It is a complex treatment that involves various stages. 

These costs are incurred for performing different procedures such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, clinical follow-ups, extraction of stem cells, replacing cells and post operative procedure. The costs also differ from the type of problem, the patient is experiencing. Some of them experience solid tumor cancers. They also include the costs of cell collection, donor match testing, hospital costs, follow-up care, drug treatment to the hospitals, etc. Some insurance companies provide assistance to patients for treatment. So, the bone marrow surgery cost in India differs from individual to individual.

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