Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Soft and smooth feet indicate a well-groomed personality. However, feet care is usually ignored due to the shortage of time or packed finances. No matter whatever the reason is we are not going to blame you. Though you owe to show some affection to your feet, therefore, we have an SOS foot care-at-home guide to bring your best foot forward. Good hygiene, self-examination, and properly fitting shoes are measures that can help you keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

Pedicure At Home

At-home pedicure requires at least 30 minutes. Begin with removing the earlier applied nail color to have a clean canvas. Trim your nails to the desired length and shape with a nail cutter. To make them smooth on the edges delicately file your nails. Now you can apply an anti-inflammatory oil such as lavender oil or cuticle gel to supple your nail bed.

Soaking and Dealing With Dead Skin:

Arrange a tub of water filled with warm water because it softens the calluses and cleanses the feet. Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt in the tub that contains magnesium. Magnesium in the salt helps to get rid of toxins from the feet. Before soaking your feet in the water buff your feet’s dead skin with a help of buffer that has smaller files. Filing wet feet can damage the underneath skin of your feet. Now Drop your feet into the water for at least 30 minutes. Now it is time to remove cuticles with the help of cuticle pusher and cuticle remover to pluck out any loose skin.


The secret to a good pedicure is massage which increases blood flow to the skin and makes your skin look healthier. Massage your feet in a circular motion to remove any excess dead skin. As your feet are wet now use a mask made of the oatmeal powder and honey to exfoliate the dead skin on your feet.


Lock the hydration in your feet by applying a layer of moisturizer or coconut oil. Bring back the varnish shine in your nails by buffing them. It will also improve the nail growth. Now you are ready to apply a double coat of nail polish.

A pedicure twice a month is not enough for your feet care. The pedicure is highly recommended after 2-3 weeks because it not only makes your feet better looking but it also increases blood flow and helps to avoid any fungal issue.

Daily Feet Care:

Make a daily feet care regime. Daily wash your feet before going to bed and apply a moisturizer that will keep your feet soft and smooth. To avoid discoloration apply a sun cream before heading in sun to enjoy energetic tottering toes every once in a while.

Examine Your Feet:

Examine your feet once in a week and take a close look at your soles for any scaling or discoloration of nails because it may indicate fungal growth. In addition to this if you are diabetic patient check your feet on a regular basis because you have a higher risk of skin infections.

Avoid Sweaty feet:Avoid Sweaty feet:

Your overall body has sweat glands so your feet. Excessive sweating creates a perfect environment for bacteria to set up that may lead to skin infections. Therefore, try to wear synthetic socks that will keep your feet dry faster than cotton socks and will keep your feet healthy. You can also buy a pair of breathable shoes that allow circulation of air and keeps your feet dry. In addition to this, do not share your footgear it can also cause fungal infections.

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