What is the ‘Rule of Three’ in Content Creation?


Content marketing has changed drastically over the years. Apart from understanding how to write well, writers, both new and professionals, must also apply different strategies to deliver the content successfully with the right message to the right audience.Content Creation

Today, we will discuss a very important part of content creation, which most of us are not aware – ‘The Rule of Three’.

Number 3 is a magical word – you will find it being used in many stories, fairytales, myths, games, anecdotes and so on. In fact, many famous quotes are structured in three. And it is highly captivating in other places as well, like bread, butter, and jam, Christian trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), comic triple, three clusters of time, the three musketeers, and Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys.

The rule of three is based on the concept that things that come in three are satisfying, funnier, interesting, and more effective.

This is because human process information in a pattern and three is the smallest number that can strongly create a pattern.

So, if you use the combination of three in dynamic content, you will produce memorable and long-lasting results.

So, how to use three in content marketing?

Take any type of marketing: the ultimate goal of it is to deliver the correct message to the right audience that creates an impact. The rule of three will work as an engine that ensures that the received message has an ROI.

Here are a few places where you can apply the ‘Rule of Three’:

Use in Delivering Sales Pitch

By using the rule of three, you can make your product stand out in the overcrowded market. It can also be used to create a strong brand identity.

Steve Jobs applied the rule of three in almost all of this product presentation and launches.

During his presentation in 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, he said Apple would come out with three products that will change the way we look at gadgets – iPod, iPhone, and an internet communication device, Macintosh. And it really did create an applauding impact amongst the audience.


Use for Story Telling

If you are a creative writer, such as a book writer, scriptwriter, screenplay writer, etc., use the rule of three to create a presence of concise and memorable pattern that easily hooks the readers from the very beginning.

If you observe, the number three has been so widely used in children’s books and in Hollywood screenwriting. Bullet points when written in three are more captivating too.

Our brain is preconditioned to respond to aspects favorably when it is clustered in three. When writing your content, make sure you include these three simple (not necessarily easy) components:

  1. Who: you must know whom you are talking to; basically, your Buyer Personas or Avatar. Create your fictional ‘ideal customer’ first and try to pitch your content that appeals to the character.


  1. What: Place yourself in the shoes of your ‘fictional buyer character’ and figure out what exactly they need to hear from you, what they need to know before doing business with you, and what should they learn first.


  1. How: This is the creative part. Considering ‘the who’ and ‘the what’, you must create messages that the prospects understand. The who will reveal the stories, while the what will tell you how to exploit them.



Create More Sticky Ideas

While ‘sticky’ is not good in relationships, it is great in content creation. Your content or message should always be present in the back of your reader’s mind.  So when you apply the rule of three, your idea, thought, presentation pitch or ad campaign will stick even more firmly.

The information, if presented in a group of three, glues in our head better than other forms of clustered content.

Example: Bread, Butter, and Jam; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; Blood, Sweat and Tears, and By the People, For the People, and Of the People.

Example of the rule of three in a sentence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – The Constitution of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.


So, everything that comes in three is perfect and in harmony. Remember this when you write your next piece of content and see how it garners better results.

About The Author:

Aarif Habeeb is a content writer at  https://grammarlove.com/ and an SEO expert. He is responsible for brand-building via content and social media for GrammarLove. His success lies within his originality and hands on experience in editing and writing. Aarif lives in Jaipur and loves his early morning filter coffee, dessert gazing and reading newspapers. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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