What Is UPC Barcode And How To Buy It?

Accurate product identification is very necessary to trade for retailers and online shopping sites like Amazon. UPC barcodes are standardized identifiers which allow merchandise to be sell, record, and track via supply chains. In order to find out exact product identification, most of the sellers & retailers use UPC barcode in the merchandise. UPC stands for Universal Product Code. This article will provide more information about UPC barcodes.

What are UPC barcodes?

UPC is a sort of system which is printed on the retail merchandise package in order to recognize a particular item. Basically, it consists of two parts such as the machine-readable barcode and human-readable 12 digit number. The main reason to utilize UPC barcode is to identify product details effortlessly like brand name, items, size, price, etc when a product is scanned at checkout. Codes are very effective in tracking record within a store.

Almost in every package, we can able to observe a UPC bar code printed on it. Each and all item you obtain from a grocery or department store has a UPC code on it someplace. In fast barcodes were produced to aid grocery stores or merchants speed up at the time of checkout process as well as maintain track of record easily. If you want to buy UPC barcode, first you need to become a part of GS1 US system. It is known as Uniform Code Council which manages the assigning of UPS within the United State.

How do UPC barcodes work?

If you are an Amazon retailer then you previously be well-known with UPC codes. It exists worldwide to identify the product correctly. There are numerous GS1 organizations accessible around the globe which serves US business owners. GS1 provides matchless prefixes to brand owners so that they can capable to produce their own inimitable barcodes. UPC barcode was the exclusive layout for product barcodes.  It is a symbol which is mainly utilized to convey information. The characters used in the barcode symbols consists of bar or space patterns.

How to buy a UPC barcode for Amazon?

Here are easy steps to get UPC barcodes for Amazon:

  • First, you must apply for a GS1 company prefix. The barcode mainly consists of 12 digit number. When the first 6 to 9 digit of code are company prefix. It is nothing but a unique identifier of the merchandise’s manufacturer. The company prefix will remain the same on the barcodes for all different products. It is highly recommended to buy Amazon UPC barcode from GS1 directly.
  • Next, you need to allocate a matchless product number for your goods. GS1 provides each retailer with a number of digits to use for a product. Then the seller can decide own numbering system to pertain when naming their unique item numbers. Remember that every product needs its own unique product number. It is very essential that the barcode you use must be clearly visible.
  • Then you need to order your barcodes and place it on your merchandise so that it will be very trouble-free to identify and scan.

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