When to Call Termite Control Services

Most homeowners want to know when to call a professional termite control service. Well, there are a number of signs that give you warning signals about a serious termite infestation.Call Termite Control Services

Termite infestation can produce serious damage to your home. Unfortunately, in most cases, by the time infestation is detected, the damage has already been done. Hence, it is crucial for homeowners to recognize warning signs of termites. Make sure you work with a professional to prevent an infestation. This is the first step you need to take.

Here’s how you can handle termite infestation at home:

Things You should Know about Termite Damage

No Insurance

This is no brainer! The termite damage that happens at home is not covered by insurance. The homeowners insurance is exempt from any damage that occurs due to termite infestation. So you are supposed to pay all of the costs involved in repairing and fixing up things after the damage. This can be enormous! Imagine doing up everything all over again – the cabinets, subflooring, walls, wardrobe, and any wood that exists in your home! In many cases, termites have also damaged the entire framework of houses. These tiny creatures can make your home uninhabitable. No home is immune to termite infestation. So make sure you take adequate measures to prevent the infestation.

Allow Sunlight

Do not keep your home closed and trapped all the time. Allow morning sunlight to enter your home and touch your furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, and other wooden structures. This allows any moisture to dry up.

Spruce Up from Time to Time

Try to clean up the wardrobe, cabinets, and chests at home from time to time. This will help you notice any tell-tale signs of termite existence.Termite Control Services

The Warning Signs

Listed below are some telltale signs of existence of termites every homeowner should watch for:

  • – Swarming insects around the property
  • – Some insects inside the home
  • – Discarded insect wings on windowsills and/or in other areas
  • – Peculiar mud tubes around the exterior walls or foundation of the home
  • – Presence of mud walls in the attic or basement
  • – Piles of frass (similar to sawdust) in and around the home
  • – You hear noises of termite in the floor or walls
  • – You notice the wood inside home has gone hollow and this is obvious when you knock on it

Professional Treatment for Termites

Most experienced professionals recommend homeowners to keep the property clean and well maintained. You need to start by keeping the grass in the lawn short and the shrubbery trimmed on a regular basis. Rake up yard debris and remove them. Do not allow standing water on your property. Drain out any water you find in your property and keep trash bins covered all the time. All homeowners should make efforts towards sealing home properly. Following these tips will help you keep termites away from your home.

However, termites are immensely tough to prevent especially with DIY techniques. Hence, you must take ample precautions against them.

Most renowned professionals use tested and tried methods to remove termite infestation. The most common is the bait system. Termites pass through these bait stations and get ingested. The termites carry the bait residue back to the colony. Other termites, including the queens will come in contact with the bait. This effectively eliminates the entire colony.

A strong liquid treatment system is also used by the professionals. This helps in establishing a perimeter around your home. While the termites pass through, they will carry the termiticide back to the colony leading to termite elimination.

If you have already spotted the warning signals of termite infestation at home, it is time to call a professional Termite Exterminator. Any delay can lead to serious irreversible damage to your home and its belongings.

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