Where Do Inspirations for Fashion Come From?

It’s really pleasant to see that so many people go for a crazy shopping spree whenever they get free from their work and other commitments. But have you guys realized what’s the inspiration behind the pattern on the bag you’ve bought or what was the designer thinking while designing that yellow tee? The answer is no, right? It’s basically a really sad reality that most of us never think of such details. It does not mean that you don’t have the right to be excited over buying branded boxers online for your younger brother. But try to notice things from different perspectives. Consider it as a healthy exercise for your mind that gives you a clarity of thought.Inspirations for Fashion

There’s a huge team researching on trends, materials and colours of that one product you will take 15 minutes to buy. By research, we do not mean simple google search here. It takes at least six months to one year to develop a collection for the next season. The inspirations are taken from a number of sources which cost a lot of time, money and energy. Some of the formal and informal sources are listed below.

Fashion Weeks

We hope you’ve heard about fashion weeks happening in different parts of the world. The most famous ones are arranged in Milan, Italy, London and New York. These fashion shows are basically responsible for setting certain fashion trends. A team of buyers and designers travel to these destinations to watch key trends and later implement them in their collections. You can see branded vests for men during the fashion week too.

Trade Shows

Fashion trade shows and events are hosted by different countries. People from the fashion and textile industry attend these events to gain knowledge about new trends and technologies used in the industry.

Fashion Forecast Packs

There are certain international companies such as WGSN that develop fashion forecast packs for the designers to study and come up with collections accordingly. Bear in mind that these packs are not free at all. Designers and brands subscribe to these websites for their consumers’ sake. If they won’t do so the collection might not be up to date with the latest trends.

Personal Experiences

Personal experiences have a lot of influence on the art one creates. The reason why different brands have different styles is that their designers have different experiences and approach to life. Designers and artists invest a lot of time observing their life experiences and later implement the outcome on the art they produce. As in the case of mens boxers , personal experiences matter a lot.



Observing Physical Surroundings

You might have noticed the graffiti art on white crew neck t shirt or truck art inspired bags. The question here is how do designers come up with such ideas? The answer is simple. They take time out to observe what’s happening in the streets around the world. The designer who decided to launch a truck art inspired collection must have keenly observed vibrant trucks and buses while traveling to Islamabad via GT Road.


Culture has always been very dominant in the world of fashion. A lot of designers take inspirations from different cultures around the world. Let’s take ajrak as an example here. The print has been widely used by local and international designers in their collections simply because they find it fascinating or they are simply inspired by the local Sindhi culture.


Travelling not only inspires designers and artists but also an ordinary person. It exposes an individual to so many exposures that they are compelled to do something about it. A designer will use the observations in their upcoming collections. An artist will narrate their travelling story through the paintings. An ordinary person will print the memories and make a photo album. However, inspiration does not come by travelling alone but also putting some efforts to observe keenly.


You will come across so many designers and artists who have this habit of picking out certain colours, textures and details from nature. Why are coral colours called coral? Obviously because of the inspiration from sea corals. If it wasn’t for inspiration from nature no one would have labelled these colours  ‘coral’.  Similarly, have you ever realized why your vest lying around the closet is in different shades of blue and violet? Because the designer was most probably fascinated by the sky.

We hope you now realize the amount of effort, time and thought process required to create one product is real. Never forget to give the designers their due credit.

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