Why Choose Jodhpur Tourism For This Vacation?

When comes to tour there are lofty of tourist spots in India. The reason to go with Jodhpur tourism is you will have an exciting and unbelievable experience. In this city there are a lot more numbers of locations are situated. You will really enjoy once after reaching this city. Actually, it is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. It is commonly called as Blue city. You can see a lot of houses painted in blue. The actual thing is Brahmins paint their house in that color. But after sometimes even people who do not belong to Brahmin also started to paint blue. It looks beautiful to see.

What about the tourists’ spots?

A lot more numbers of tourist’s spots are situated here. You can visit and joy your holidays. No matter what you ought to visit the following places.

Mehrangarh Fort:

This fort is an identity for Jodhpur. The total height of this fort is of 400 meters and it was built in 1459 AD. When you reach this fort then you can able to see the whole city and especially the houses painted in blue color. Why because it is situated in the topmost position of the city. Actually, the construction started this year but it takes so many years to complete. That is why this fort has so many numbers of different architecture. This fort is the place where you can witness numerous things like carved panels, latticed windows, and walls of Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Sheesh Mahal.

Jaswant Thada:

This place is located near to the fort so if you visit the fort then for sure you will visit here as well. It is considered as the place of worship by various kings. That is why this place has some peace and silence whenever you visit. Essentially it is made by the white marbles in general. Thus it glows and shines whenever sun rays fall on this place.

Rao Jodha Desert and Rock park:

It is the place for those who like to connect with nature. No matter what this place will give you a unique experience. It is developed in the year of 2006 in order to create desert vegetation. After the renovation, this place has a healthy ecological system. So you can have the best walk here.

What kinds of things are famous here?

Right from the tea to the cuisine everything is famous and different. You ought to experience everything in order to understand the thing of Jodhpur. No matter what you will be completely happy by means of the zip lining. This activity is made on the fort and it takes 90 minutes to complete. Around the fort there are 6 zip linings are available you can easily choose anything and enjoy. A clock tower is a notable place where you can purchase so many interesting things. At the same time, you will taste some spices as well. Kailana lake is artificial alone but you will really be mesmerized at its realistic look.

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