Why Do iPhone and iPad Screens Crack?

Screen cracking is a tough thing to deal with but it isn’t a big deal these days. There are several reasons why iPhone and iPad screens crack and some of them are explained below in detail.iPad Screens Crack

By dropping it

It is known as the top and foremost reason for screen cracks. Whether it’s an iPad or an iPhone, people sometimes are careless and drop their phones. It can happen when someone is carrying too many items or the hands of the users are slippery. In such cases, the users end up dropping their phones and hence the screens break. One can avoid it easily by not doing everything together and by taking more care of the devices.

Your pet can swallow it

This reason is absurd and not many people believe it but this happens.

As a pet, they have no idea how much your phone costs and how much you will have to pay for the damage by any chance. They like to play around and play with anything they like. So you should keep your phone away from pets otherwise there is a chance they can place the devices in their mouths and start chewing it.

Car door or trunk slamming

This can result in serious damage. Slamming the phone in the car door or trunk can not only break the screen but it can also break the frame. although it does not happen every day with everyone when it does, your phone gets damaged seriously

Your children can break it

Getting your phone broken by your children is very common. As they don’t know what they are doing and they do whatever they want. Because of the flashy screen of the phone, they get attracted to it and can throw it easily whenever they want. They either do it in a fit of temper or they forget that they are holding a phone in their hands. These are the reasons why it is always suggested that you should keep your smart devices away from children. It is dangerous for both them and your devices.

Extreme temperature

Apple designs its Ipads and iPhones very delicately. It is known to almost everyone that extreme temperature changes can harm any type of glass. Especially when it’s about your delicate iPad or iPhone. So it is always advised that you should not leave your devices (iPhones or iPads) in direct sunlight or expose it to extremely cold temperatures.

Damaged while Protecting

It is very unusual yet it’s true. There have been a lot of cases where the user intended to save the screen and ended up breaking it or cracking it. Indeed it is very painful and nothing is as frustrating as this but it happens. In such cases, you should head to the repairer as soon as possible.

Broke it by sitting on it?

It is a very common accident that happens usually because of carelessness or forgetting after putting the phone in the pocket. Smartphones are designed this way so that they can be put in the pocket. iPads are a bit larger and they can be placed inside your bags. Unfortunately, people forget after putting them in such places and they sit on it which results in screen damage.

Ran over your device?

People usually don’t run over their iPads and iPhones. But leaving the Ipad or iPhone after talking to someone on the roof of the car is very common. People leave them on and then forget. After driving the car the device either falls and breaks or the car runs over it and breaks. So take care of your devices after talking to someone and don’t leave them here and there.

Broke it while capturing a moment?

Who doesn’t want to capture the moments and make them worthwhile? But taking selfies from different angles is resulting in so many phone accidents. Not having a good grip on the phone results in damage and eventually screen breaks. So it is always advised to hand over your phone to a friend to capture something.

Dropped it in the bathroom?

This is one of the most amusing reasons we have come across.  When people are texting or scrolling while going to the bathroom they break the screens of their phones. They do not hold on tight and end up dropping their phones. Your screen can crack by various instances, it can fall inside the water or can crack while you try to take it out from inside. So it’s advised not to take your phones in bathrooms along with you.


These are all the reasons why iPads and iPhone screen cracks. Now that we’ve infomed, you should avoid all these things.

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